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Unliking my Likes

When I first joined FB eons ago, I like most felt the need to express my online identity by liking cultural touchstones like movies, tv shows, music, etc that I enjoyed.

But the amount of FB spam I’m getting has exploded in the last 6-12 months, defeating the main point of being on FB: staying in touch with real people whose lives and opinions and development I care about.  So this morning I mass unliked almost 1-200 pages. I don’t care to use Facebook as my RSS.

And I still want to hear about YOU, what tv you are enjoying, what music you are listening to. And I’ll continue to support and like my friends’ projects and work, of course, because I know first hand how hard it is for  entrepreneurs and artists to get traction via marketing, when the big guys are spending hundreds of millions to steal our attention away. 

Stay personal, stay relevant, and reject being just a number.