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Been binge watching the first two seasons of ABC’s Scandal the last few days. I’d desribe it as West Wing + 90210/Melrose Place.  

Likes:  A strong female character, nah, a strong black female character who is a believable leader, which is pretty fucking awesome!  I think the character would have been hard to believe before Michelle Obama. Also like the Huck character, though that’s on much more familiar ground.  Also like, at least for the first half of Season 1, is the behind-the-scene look at DC public relation lawyering, which is novel and interesting.  

But by the end of Season 1, and definitely all of Season 2,  it starts tanking, fast.  The incredulous writing has the PR firm out-spying the CIA, which is unbelievable.  And the shitty soap opera-like focus on messy romantic relationships and sex and betrayal is just overly gloppy, turning a taught drama with believable character to messy Melrose Place level of betrayal and globby sob stories with no respect to the intelligence of the audience.  Also a major turnoff: piss poor writing that just stretches out the series to milk the early success.

I pushed to finished Season 2 just so I can wrap up and at this point I swear I’d never watch this shit again.

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Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy…about Obamacare.

When I left MS I was scared to death because of the problem with getting health coverage for the fam. I stayed on COBRA for as long as possible. But when that ran out it took months to obtain coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

So the government and contractors fucked up These are the same people who pays $400+ for a hammer so don’t act surprised. 

Give it time. It’ll get fixed. Vista was 3 years late and Jobs worked on the iPhone for over a decade. And stop piling onto the complaint bandwagon, but at the same time hold the government accountable for the debacle.

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” I mainly draw realism with traditional media, particularly charcoal. Charcoal is absolutely amazing, and it’s definitely going to be my favourite for the rest of my life. ” – Daisy (deviantart username: 77Daisy77) from Australia

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